Rismat 丽施美—专注地垫20年

Rismat 丽施美


进户门厅垫-尼龙印花-M莲棕 Graphics Nylon Mat
市场价:248   会员价:248

进户门厅垫-尼龙印花-A纵红 Graphics Nylon Mat
市场价:248   会员价:248



我们秉持“安全、节能、环保”的设计理念, “专注、服务、标准” 的管理理念,以满足客户的需求和环保为宗旨,采用新技术与新材料于我们的产品中,使其适用于各种地域环境条件下的地面污染控制系统和职业健康与安全需求:诸如高端星级酒店、商用、民用物业、工厂、学校、医院、公共建筑等多种领域的地面环境。我们的产品能为客户提供全方位、多功能,成本可控且有效的地面污染解决方案,已成为客户首选的绿色环保地垫。


RISMAT, an eco-matting solution company was established in 1993 in Hong Kong and entered into Shanghai, China in 1994. We have developed the two new concepts for the floor pollution control system and the occupational health & safety system for the past two decades, and continue innovating for the eco-matting system through our advanced research and high-quality manufacturing. We received the ISO9001 quality certificate and the ISO14000 environment certificate.

Our eco-matting products are designed and built through the concept of safety, efficiency, eco-green, specialty, service and standard to meet customers’ needs, which can be used at a variety of floor conditions such as high-end hotels, commercial & residential properties, factories, schools, hospitals & research labs and other public areas for floor pollution control and occupational health & safety systems. Our eco-matting products can bring full protections to your floors through a cost-effective way and multi-functional solutions, and they have been widely recognized and used today.

We believe in the green and healthy environment starting at the clean and safe floor – and RISMAT is your partner for such the environment.